My study tips

As a junior, I’d like to believe I’ve had plenty of time to figure out a good studying method to rock nursing school. However, after coming from a challenging high school, freshman year was easy, but sophomore year was a big reality check. With a sudden increase in the amount of material we were expected to learn, studying the night before was no longer an option.  So here is my go-to method that has been working for me since then:

  1. When taking notes, I only use my laptop now. I type faster and I can ensure I get every piece of information that comes out of the professor’s mouth
  2. When I get home (I commute), I take an hour break and then look at the classes I’ve had that day
  3. I reaaaally don’t like studying so to trick my brain into thinking there’s not that much information, I organize notes by their powerpoint headings and break them into little columns
  4. I write down EVERYTHING, powerpoint notes and lecture notes. If I understand a topic, I write a quick summary or rewrite a particularly lengthy section in my own words
  5. I keep up with my classes each day and then around 4 days before the exam, I start going through the notes and casually studying.
  6. The night before an exam, I open up a blank word document and pick a topic and just start typing everything I know about it. When I go back to my notes and see if I missed something, I’ll know that’s what I have to focus on
  7. While nursing is definitely more about understanding the topic and applying the information, you have to have the content memorized to have some sort of reference to pull from
  8. The day of the exam, I google quizlet quizzes on those topics to see how much I can answer

So that’s my general study method! It seems like a lot of work and it is but if you keep up with it every day, you would only be spending around 2 hours making these study guides for each class that day (if the class is about an hour).This has gotten me A’s in subjects like pathophysiology (98/97’s on each exam), but I’m still figuring out how to answer those NCLEX questions so I’ll have to get back to you on that…

How do you study?




5 comments on “My study tips

  1. Good study habits. Have you started doing clinical training? I understand from various nurses you will wonder what all the classes were for once you get in a hospital or clinic and start working on people.


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