Photography experiments

Before, to avoid studying, I would clean. Now that I have my camera, I can do some interesting experiments with my time (although few things beat finding that chapstick you lost a month ago). I’ve been looking into to different types of light photography and while these were taken a while ago, it’s something I’m looking to improve upon with time. I especially love the idea of light painting!

Light painting can involve two things:

  1. With the source of light facing the camera, you can essentially draw in the air or draw around objects. If you have a slow shutter speed on your camera, and don’t stay in one place for too long, you wouldn’t even show up in the picture! Here are some of my amateur examples (all of these were done sans tripod and just involved some strategic propping)…

Shoutout to my nursing penlight for making this possible.

2. A second way is illuminating the object with a source of light in long exposure. This allows you to highlight objects of your choosing at any time. For example, if you had 3 objects sitting in the dark, you could shine a flashlight on each of them and in the picture, all three would be highlighted! Here are my first tries with this technique…

It’s amazing how photography can make an innocuous-looking chair almost scary- with just a flashlight! The difference between these two was just where I shined the light, either from the sides or the top.

Have you tried this technique? I would love to see your results!




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