My Week

I look like the  rose in the featured image right now. Wilted and fighting to hang on. What’s sad is that it’s only the third week! At the beginning of the semester, I was this rose:

This is actually the same rose a week ago

It was that kind of day. The one that makes you wish you were in elementary school again, when your biggest worry was if the cafeteria had those cute smiley-shaped fries for lunch that day.

Remember these?

It’s coming to an end but I still have two field experiences and work to tackle before I can relax all weekend long (actually, I don’t want to think about the work I have to do this weekend so let’s just pretend). Tomorrow, I’ll be shadowing a school nurse and on Saturday, I’ll be visiting the Labor & Delivery unit! Babies, I know you don’t care about the dates, but Saturday would be a good day to come in to the world, just saying.

I’ve got lots to do but hopefully, in a couple days, I’ll be posting about the amazing experiences! Till then, take care!






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