When I was in middle school, I was a huge book nerd. I loved reading almost anything, although non-fiction books were…meh. Whenever I was stressed out, I would just open one up and get lost in the fantasies. The library’s summer reading programs would be the best thing because I got prizes for reading! Win-win in my book (ha ha). If you didn’t notice, Harry Potter is my all-time favorite as the series has been one of the first I started reading when I moved to America at 6 years old (more on that later). You’re looking at a 2-time Harry Potter trivia champion at the local library right here!

Now that college has taken over all my free time, whenever I see the books I used to read, like  Judy Moody or The Babysitters Club, I just get so nostalgic for the old days. As I’m only one more year away from graduating, I’ve been reminiscing more and more. Whether it was crying over Where the Red Fern Grows in 4th grade or searching for the next Magic Tree House book, I’m grateful I had the chance to have those experiences.

Unfortunately, textbooks are my main form of reading now (*cries*) – I have 3 quizzes tomorrow and a labor and delivery lab to prepare for so I’m off! When I have time, I’ll post about my field experiences at the school and labor & delivery unit! Have a great week everyone.





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