Stress Eating

You know those people who can’t eat when they’re stressed? Yeah, that’s not me. My study sessions usually go like this: read for 1 hour, eat a small snack, read for another 2 hours, eat a big snack, and repeat. My brain literally cannot function without a continuous supply. I’m like an old phone who’s battery sucks so you have to constantly keep charging it. I might have insulted myself there but you get the point. I commend those people who can exercise and eat healthy during nursing school, or just life in general, because it sure isn’t something I can be diligent about at this point. My eating habits will be good for a week and then I’ll have 3 exams in a row and out they go.

So as a last resort, I’ve taken to counting calories. According to this calculator, as long as I try to maintain around 1,500 calories a day, I’m good. Now the type of foods that make up those calories is another matter… I try to at least have eggs in the morning to get my protein in but sadly, anything goes after breakfast. Sorry if you’re looking for tips – I only took one nutrition class and I distinctly remember eating Chick-fil-A waffle fries during it. If anyone finds a good method, please let me know!

Happy (?) eating!



9 comments on “Stress Eating

  1. I’ve never counted calories. What are calories anyway? Who goes to a restaurant and chooses from the calorie menu? Nope, I’ve looked at lots of “regimes” over the years and patients who asked me for “a diet sheet” always got the same answer. I didn’t have any. The conclusion I’ve reached is that all the research eventually comes back to recommending the “Mediterranean diet”, but if you look at the research into “Blue zones” (the communities in the world where people live healthily for longest) you’ll see the different diets share a few very similar principles – Michael Pollan captured it in seven words – “Eat food. Mostly plants. Not too much”. I like that!

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    • That certainly sounds very simple but the trouble is I don’t like plants too much – whether learning about them in biology or eating them. I’m trying to make myself like them though!


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