Weekly Summary

Another mostly uneventful week is coming to an end but I’m not fooled. It’s the calm before the storm. In this case, the two weeks worth of exams that I’ll need to get past to earn that 1 blessed week of spring break. This weekend, I’ll be stress eating and going over meds and nursing interventions in my dreams (yes that has actually happened). I miss the days when I used to dream about swiss chocolate…

As for the field experiences last weekend, both were amazing! With the school nurse, I realized how much the nurse can help children mentally. The trusting relationship I saw between the nurse and the kids was awesome and I could tell the students were comfortable around her. She told me that they sometimes come to her to talk about problems if they couldn’t talk to their parents or other adults. It definitely opened my eyes to the many aspects of school nursing!

The most exciting part was shadowing on the maternity unit last Saturday. The woman was in labor for 20 hours by the time she finally delivered! I was only there to witness the last couple, but most important hours. They had been worried she would need a c-section because the baby was huge and wasn’t really progressing down as well. During the process, her epidural came out and it was too late to put it back in, so all the final pushing was done without any meds! Seeing the baby come out after hours of effort left everyone in the room teary and I was smiling so hard my face hurt. For some reason, instead of making me want to be on permanent birth control, this birth did the opposite. It was such a great feeling to be able to witness the delivery and after seeing the expression on the mother’s face at the end, I found myself wanting that as well. Who knows, maybe I’m just crazy!

Have a good weekend!




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