4 Stages of Hunger

The best time to write a blog post is the night before a huge exam right? This post will describe what I’ve been doing for the past 20 minutes and I’m fervently hoping typing it out will make me realize how stupid I’m being (I really do need to study).

So without further ado:

Stage 1: look at Google images of my current craving

Stage 2: look at Instagram tags of the food because I like imagining having that plate of food in front of me right now

Stage 3: watch youtube videos of people making it (and eating it – look out for another post on these videos called mukbangs later)

Stage 4: settle for a piece of bread and try to go to sleep so I won’t have to think about it


Bonus: the cake I took pictures of to further procrastinate on my studying

It’s blurry but I think it gives the picture a dreamy look

Hope everyone gets their own tasks done tonight!



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