Spring Break

Have you ever woken up one day feeling inexplicably happy? Maybe it’s an after effect of a fading dream? I savor those mornings where the sun is shining and you don’t have a care in the world for a few minutes. Those times only come around on special occasions such as spring break!! Woohoo! I woke up this Sunday knowing I  could procrastinate further on my projects that I usually save until that night. I woke up knowing that the next week would be 8am class-less and full of languid days in my comfy bed. I’m in no hurry to be an adult – I will enjoy these breaks as much as I can!

Hopefully, the weather stops being bipolar and I’ll manage to go outside to take pictures. Ever since I read about how bringing your camera from a cold place to a warm place can cause lens condensation, I’ve been too scared and haven’t gone outside when it’s cold. My camera is just a couple months old so I’m still in the “my precious baby” phase. I’ve also just ordered a tripod (finally!) and will be testing it out on a photoshoot with my friend’s pet hamster, Peaches. She’s the roundest ball of fluff I’ve ever seen and I’m excited to see how the pictures turn out.

To those on spring break – Maybe you’re like me, telling yourself that you’ll study so much in advance and get lots of work done but I’m sorry, it’s not going to happen. So, have fun, relax, and get back your energy to tackle the rest of the semester!

Thank you,





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