Day 1

Before break started, I had a list written out of all the things I intended to get done. Today, I was supposed to have 2 blog posts for my online class done as well as notes for a chapter finished. Well 24 hours later? 0 blog posts and 0 notes done. People say I can be pessimistic but they’re wrong! My brain is the most optimistic thing ever – every year and every break, believing that I’ll get all this stuff done.

It was the kind of day where you don’t quite know what you did the whole time and that’s OK. I remember eating a lot and playing a first person shooter game, Team Fortress 2. Let me tell you, that game is the best stress reliever. Sniping someone as soon as they come out from their base or getting that backstab as a spy when the opponent least expects it? It makes me satisfied in a way I cannot describe.

How about you guys? What do you like to do during break when you’re stuck at home? Any suggestions would be appreciated! My poor laptop is suffering from all this game time right now.





7 comments on “Day 1

      • You always make the best of the conditions at hand. There should be a lot of photos to be had when it’s sunny and 60, but even when it’s not ideal weather or circumstances, you look at something, anything and ask yourself “can I make an interesting photo out of that?” The results may or may not be interesting, but you train your eyes and when you start to look at everything around you as potential subjects for photographs, the way you look at the world changes.

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      • Be safe while being bold! Is that an oxymoron or what? Oh BTW use those sniper skills you learned playing games when taking photos. I rarely use a tripod, and one reason is I use the same breath control and finger control pressing the shutter as a sniper uses with a rifle. Sniper skills help make you very steady with your camera.

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