Back To School

Spring break has flown by and tomorrow, I get right back into it with a lab and a quiz. Even though I stayed at home the whole time, I feel rejuvenated, having given my brain a break. The only problem with that is that my brain is greedy so it takes some major determination and concentration to refocus. I’ve always liked counting down to events and seeing the number of days shrink gives me that boost like nothing else. As my last final exam is on May 24th, I have only 51 days left of classes (36 when not including weekends)!! That seems like nothing right? In 51 days, I’ll be a senior – WOW. This week will be relatively simple in that there are no exams but I will be catching up on all the work I was supposed to do during break. Hope everyone has a good and productive week! I’ll try my best to keep up with the updates.




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