Double Exposure

As my photoshop free trial winds down (only 4 more days left), I’ve been trying to just have fun and see what it can do! Using this great youtube tutorial, I tried my hand at double exposures. Since it’s easier with pure white backgrounds and I don’t have the professional lights for that, all the images I’ve used are from google so I don’t own any of these. Here are some of my attempts:

My first one- don’t stare at the edges, I know they suck




Any tips? Have you tried any double exposures? I would love to see!




5 comments on “Double Exposure

  1. I put things together all the time in Photoshop, but I did a lot of work with real double exposures back in my large format film days, and then in 2014, I accidentally double exposed a 4X5 negative. I noticed I came up short one negative, but didn’t figure it out until I made a print of the negative and noticed things from two different locations where on the print, and with a really close inspection of the print, I could see places where the registration was off on the mountains, but what was amazing is that I took the photos on the same negative a half mile apart, and everything registered really well. You can see the photo at:

    I did a series in 1981 where I thought about using multiple exposures, but used long exposures with multiple burst from a flash instead.

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      • I did the “effects” (as the are) and the double exposure in the camera. In the darkroom you can put two negatives together, or expose the paper with one, negative and then put in another negative and expose it with the second negative, or use as many negatives as you want to use to have multiple exposures on the print.

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  2. very cool! I love all of them. I’ve never played with doing them on my computer. During my manual 35mm days I played around with them a bit and then there were a few accidental ones where the film didn’t advance that actually turned out pretty neat.

    I don’t have photoshop anymore but do have elements. Next time I have a boring day I’ll play around with some. So much more you can do with good software.

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