A Double Rainbow

There are only 3 good things about the rain:

  1. My dad can’t make me mow the lawn
  2. It creates the perfect mood when sitting next to the fireplace and reading a book
  3. Rainbows

I was driving home after a long, rainy day of classes when the 3rd reason showed up in the sky. I stopped and took pictures with my phone and by the time I raced back with my camera, it had disappeared. Notice in the secondary bow, the colors are inverted! Apparently, this is due to a different angle of reflection. Going by this site, it seems to be a supernumerary one as well but I’m not too sure. Any rainbow experts on here?


I saw these cool-looking clouds as well. I’m not even going to attempt to figure out what type they are but if anyone knows, feel free to share with us!


I hope everyone has had a good week so far! I have a med surg exam coming up next week so my weekend will be full of studying (same old, same old).

Take care,




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