Weekend Coffee Share

There’s been this tag going around called “weekendcoffeeshare.” The goal of it is to share with readers what you might say if you were actually sitting down for coffee with them! I think that sounds interesting so I thought I’d give it a try.

So, if we were having coffee…

I would ask more about you! People from all over the world look at my posts and I’ve always been interested in other cultures. I will share a bit about myself and then others can make their own post on their blog and make a pingback . Use #cultureshare and #weekendcoffeeshare so people can find the posts and encourage others to share as well! There are so many backgrounds that come together on this site and I would love to learn more about them.

To start it off:

  • I am currently a nursing student in the United States
  • My hobbies include sleeping, eating, reading, picture-taking, eating, and lastly, eating.
  • For breakfast, I stick with a general omelette sandwiched between two waffles. Over the weekend, my mother might make upma (oop-ma) or dosa (though-sa)
  • Something interesting about me: I have a fraternal twin (which is such a missed opportunity if you ask me) and I am 2 minutes older.


So excited to see your responses!



4 comments on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Hi Nina! I’m just going to go ahead and answer here, as I wrote my coffee share already 😀

    – I am from Finland and work in the social work sector
    – My hobbies are blogging, aqua running and boating (now with a sailing boat but we also have a motorboat!)
    – For breakfast I have oatmeal with strawberries. On the weekend I usually have Turkish yoghurt with strawberries/blueberries/rasberries and maybe a piece of rye bread with bacon
    – Something interesting about me: I have lived in Malaysia as a child!

    Take care!

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