In the last week, my sister’s caterpillars started pupating and now, the butterflies have finally come out!! Here are some pictures of the transformation:

Transferring two chrysalises to a bigger jar before the butterflies emerge
Eagerly waiting! Update: They are called painted ladies


An interesting thing to point out is the red liquid, called meconium, that you see after the butterfly emerges. This is basically the leftover caterpillar parts that were not needed and expelled from the butterfly’s intestine when it came out! It’s weird because in nursing, I’ve always associated meconium with a baby’s first bowel movement (which looks green/black)!

Well that was a wild ride! I apologize for how out of focus the butterfly pictures are – the jar made it hard to get decent pictures.

I’ll leave you with my motivational thought for the day: If caterpillars can survive being liquified and then coming back as butterflies, then I can survive one more month of this semester!

Hope everyone has a good week,




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