My First Moon Picture

I had just finished my two exams today so I decided to give my brain a break from nursing for a couple hours. I went outside to see if there were any visible stars and while it wasn’t a good night for them, I DID see the moon and it just called to me.

First shot:

No words for this failure

2nd try:

Ah the overexposure that I’ve read about in many articles!

After fooling around a BUNCH with the settings…the shot I ended up going with:


Now, I did not have a telephoto lens, only the 55-200mm lens that my camera came with. The settings I used were: 1/400, F29, and 12800 ISO (so much noise I know).  I probably went about about this completely wrong so if anyone has any suggestions, please please let me know!



4 comments on “My First Moon Picture

  1. I don’t understand the high ISO. Did the camera set the ISO automatically? A 200mm lens is good, and unless you are using a full frame sensor, your 200mm lens is equivalent to 260mm to 300mm depending on whether you have a 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5 crop sensor. I use full-frame sensors with a 200mm lens. The bright part of the moon is the same as daylight, so basically 1/100 sec at ƒ/16 at ISO 100 will give a good exposure of the bright part of the moon— then you can zoom in see sharp craters. I normally shoot a bright moon at 1/500 sec at ƒ/6.3 at ISO 100. But I also do different settings, sometimes over and under exposing the moon depending on the time, relative darkness, and whether or not I want things in the foreground or background. If you haven’t seen my time lapse composite of the blood moon rising on 9/27/2015, it’s worth looking at:

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    • I was honestly just fooling around with the settings. I had originally read to use the 200 ISO but it was saying the subject was too dark to photograph. Now that I’m thinking, it could have been the other settings that were the problem! I’ll try using your settings and see if I can come up with anything. Definitely going to check out your post – thank you so much Timothy!!

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