2nd Moon Attempt

So this time, I couldn’t wait until the full moon because with all the rain, who knows if it would even be a clear night! Luckily, the day before (aka the only day it hasn’t rained for like a week and a half), I managed to get this shot below.

You may not have any life but you’re still beautiful Moon.

This time, my settings made more sense haha. 200mm, f/18 at 1/200 shutter speed with I believe either a 200 or 400 ISO. Much better than the 12800 ISO that I used my first time for some reason! Hope you all enjoyed the full moon- I should get back to studying as I have two more finals left!

Edit: I cropped the picture to see how clear the moon was and while I think it could be better, not bad for my second try! Any tips?


Have a great weekend and week everyone,




7 comments on “2nd Moon Attempt

  1. Did you enlarge it on screen to see how clear the focus is? Enlarging the moon on screen to 100, 200, 300% will let you see how clear the image really is.

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  2. That’s pretty good resolution. Looks close to what I get handheld with autofocus. Did you take it hand held or on a tripod? If you use a tripod you need to turn all image stabilization off. If your camera offers live view, you can put it on a tripod, start live view, focus on the moon, zoom in with live view, turn the lens to manual focus, and fine adjust the focus until the moon is very sharp based on the zoomed image on your LCD. If you have a really clear night, you should be able to get really good detail in the moon, even with a 200mm lens. Haze, light cloud cover, imprecise focus, and slight movement at slower shutter speeds will give you slightly soft results.

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    • I took this hand held with autofocus! I’m looking out for those clear nights so I can go practice some more with it. Pretty sure my Nikon has live view so I’ll try your suggestions – they’re always appreciated so thanks Timothy!

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