What Time Is It?

Summertime! (Sorry I couldn’t resist)

No exams to study for, no labs to stress over, and no 2-hour lectures! With my finals out of the way, I have exactly 4 more days until I start my new job at a children’s hospital! I have 3 shows I’ve been waiting all semester to watch so one show per day sounds good right? Only in summer break can you watch a whole season’s worth in a day and not have any regrets!

My first day of summer started out with a visit to a pet shop to play with the puppies. You know what I don’t understand? If a pet shop is there to provide the best food, toys, etc for peoples’ pets, that would mean they care about animals right? Then why does the shop put animals in too small cages in the back?? Some of those puppies just looked so tired. My friends and I ended up staying there for a good hour playing with most of them. Hopefully that helped a little!

This Dalmatian puppy was too hyper but so cute! The only picture I could get which wasn’t a blurry mess.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Looking forward to sharing my experiences at the new job!

Till then,



6 comments on “What Time Is It?

  1. Nice iris! That’s a darling puppy and it’s good you went to play with them and they let you. Pet shops can’t sell puppies and kitties out here, they can only be adopted through shelters. One shelter, that sets up in the pet stores, is so stuck on itself, they give you the third degree and then you can’t even play with the kitties. A bunch of stinking Nazi’s, they are. However, our kitty, Najar, is very grateful for that bunch’s Nazi ways. I went looking for a kitten to get for Spunk the day after Christmas. They had a kitten I just wanted to look at the adoption center in the pet store. That kitty would have cost me $130 to adopt from the Nazis — but they decided I was unsuitable to adopt a kitty. I shook the dust off my feet as I left them, and went to the city’s animal shelter where I found Najar. With my old man discount, and holiday special discount, I walked out with Najar for a whopping $10. Najar was spayed, chipped, had all her shots, and I got a free after the adoption checkup with my vet. All for only $10. I think there was a higher power on Najar’s side that day.

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  2. I hope you enjoy your new job, the shows and summer! It is much better if people adopt pets from rescue centres rather than buying from pet shops. That way two lives are saved; the pet they adopt and the animal that can now be housed in their place 🙂

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