Summer Heat

I’m sure everyone thinks that the place they’re living in has bipolar weather and I’m no different! Just a couple days back it was raining and raining – which is good thing because it gives me an excuse to avoid mowing the lawn. But now, the sun is out in full force!

It’s funny because when I first moved to America, I was so shocked at the lack of gloves and hats in weather I considered to be cold. Coming from India where it’s normal for temperatures to be greater than 100 deg. F (37.7 deg C), I was thinking to myself “Wow these Americans! They must be so impervious to the cold (I didn’t know that word then but you know what I mean)!” Even after 15 years here, I still get cold easily. However, now that I’ve been living here, I can’t take the heat either so I probably wouldn’t last long in an Indian summer.

I currently have all the windows open and the fan on high in an effort to remain cool and prevent any headaches which I always get when it’s too hot. To be honest, it’s probably due to the lack of hydration more than the heat but I just can’t get up off the bed for water right now. Yup that’s how lazy I can be.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the weather!



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