Scorpius Constellation

It is currently 12:26 am and I have to be up at 6 tomorrow but I am too excited to not share! I decided to go outside tonight around 11 in hopes that the sky would be clear and got these pictures!

with neighborhood.jpg
The driveway was on a slope but I like that it’s not straight in that it actually makes it look like the earth is spinning on its axis (which it does)


After many, MANY tries with different constellation apps, I still couldn’t figure out what I was looking at. I was going to post on here that I found Libra but I double-checked with a friend and found out it wasn’t! The brightest star in the sky is apparently Mars?? I honestly couldn’t believe it! Again, such a blessing that we are able to see planets as well as stars with our naked eye. I would have stayed outside and pondered about Mars and the whole life on it issue but it was dark and I was scared of bugs.

For reference:

from Google images
Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 12.18.59 AM.png
I believe I see Libra northeast-ish of the Scorpius constellation as well!

I have included the pictures in a tile format below so you guys can click on the pictures and view them up close!


Astronomy is so cool! I am in love.




13 comments on “Scorpius Constellation

      • I didn’t see Jupiter here or in your photos. You need to look up where Jupiter is this time of year. I attempted to photograph the alinement of the planets at the end of January into February, but they where so spread out across our sky, and by the time Mercury rose, the lighting was very difficult, I never really got it right. The subfreezing temperatures didn’t help.

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