You know how some kids were able to write letters to penpals in France or another country? A year ago, I was just laying in bed lamenting about the fact that I was never able to. However, I realized that I was 20 years old and didn’t need teachers to set me up with penpals so off to Google I went! Of course, as usual, I had this idea right before the start of one of the busiest semesters ever but it was definitely worth it.

With things like catfishing being a big problem over the internet, I was wary of it at first. However, after googling many sites, I found Penpal World. The site allows you to choose what age range to look for as well as countries. For example, if you’re going to be living in Australia for a year, you can limit the search for people  living just there! The only negative aspect of the site is that you are only limited to sending 3 messages a day and posting 10 comments. So, many exchange emails to continue talking or put their Skype names on their profile descriptions. If you are planning on talking to a lot of people, I would suggest designating one email just for this.

Just like all internet sites, you have to be  careful of what information you reveal and there are always creepy people looking to take advantage. For the most part though, my interactions with people on there have been positive! I now have friends from Sweden, England, Lebanon, Ireland, Netherlands, and Serbia! How cool is that? Later, I also plan to do snail mail, which is a forgotten art in my opinion.

Has anyone else thought about having penpals or have friends overseas?



11 comments on “Penpals

  1. Yes! I used to have a penpal in the USA and we exchanged actual written letters via the postal service. Anything which connects people is a good idea. As you say, you do have to be wary, but most people are good. And we are all sharing a very small rock in the middle of the universe, so it is as well to all get along!

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  2. As a child, I used to have some pen pals. Oh and I was into stamp collection those days too. So yeah, we used to trade stamps through snail mails. But now nobody seems to like snail mail. But I have to agree that Penpal world is a nice idea, I think I’ll try that 🙂

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