Externship Update

First of all, I apologize for how long it took to write this post! 12 hour shifts + waking up at 4:30 am + 2 hour commute total = a very tired Nina. Add another externship job (the one I already work at) into the mix and I just didn’t have energy to sit down and write anything! For the past couple days, I would come home, take a shower, pass out and then wake up in 5 hours to get back to work. On top of  that, I ended up getting sick as well. Thanks to my best friend NyQuil, I recovered in two days and the worst of the sniffles have gone and I’m just left with a cough. Coughs don’t seem that bad but they hit you at the worst times. You know what I’m talking about. The times when you’re listening to a speaker with 40 other people and it’s very quiet and  you don’t want to be noisy so you hold it in until your face turns purple? Not fun.

Anyways, the first unit that I’ve been working on is the neurology unit. I’ve seen stuff like traumatic brain injuries and seizures, as well as general pediatric patients who don’t have neurological diagnoses. As the floor takes a lot of overflow from other units, kids with diagnoses like cancer even end up there! Most of the patient population is on the younger side , like > 5 years and many come from places like an ICU so they can’t really communicate. It’s such a joy taking care of the kids and trying to make them laugh when they’ve been in the hospital for months but I truly realize how hard it can be for them and their parents. I just get exhausted thinking about all the arrangements the parents have to make as well as the stress they have from seeing their 5 month old child in the hospital for seizures. One of the main things I’m learning is how to deal with the family members. Let me tell you, trying to do even simple things like taking a blood pressure is nerve-racking with parents watching your every move! I’m learning how to comfort them and be reassuring as well as attentive to their questions and concerns. After all, family-centered care is especially important in pediatrics.

Since this post is getting a little long, I’ll talk more about the specific nursing care I’ve observed in another post! For now, enjoy the view during my morning commute.


Hope everyone has had a good week  so far!



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