Coconut Macaroons

Father’s Day + day off = coconut macaroons!

I haven’t made these since 10th grade for a Spanish project but they are just as good as I remember them. Even while typing this now, I can still smell the coconut in the air. Pretty sure I ate a quarter of the mixture before baking because sweetened condensed milk is so good! It was almost hypnotizing, the way it came out of the can – call me weird but I just love that part!

I was limited in a couple things like a mixer and multiple baking pans so I had to work around that. I opted for this recipe that did not use egg whites because I did not feel like torturing my wrist and doing it by hand. With only one pan available, I was forced to make them into bigger cookies which is probably why there is almost no toasting on top. However- still delicious!

This is really only my 2nd time baking something myself so if I can do it, you can as well. All you do is just mix the ingredients and then roll into balls – how much easier can it get? It takes about 15-20 min to bake with prep time only taking 10 minutes! Have you made these before? I love would to see your pictures.




Thank you and Happy Father’s Day!



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