Bucket List

As of right now, I have just woken up from a 5 hour nap after coming back from a 12 hour night shift – only to go back to work again in an hour. In order to avoid what’s coming for a little longer, I’ve decided to share some of the things I hope to do someday. Without further ado…

  • Buy a telephoto lens, take pictures of the Milky Way
  • Take a couple weeks off to do a tour around Europe with friends (FYI people the tickets to London are really cheap right now from the east coast if you are planning to go around late March next year)
  •  Visit Yellowstone National Park and see Old Faithful
  • Learn how to jumpstart a car and not electrocute myself in the process
  • Cook a meal because omelettes for breakfast/lunch/dinner can get boring
  • Start a 401k (I’m even shocked I know what that is): You can’t just retire to the Caribbean Islands like my dad’s friends without a plan! (Shoutout to those sites that make it easy to understand all of this!)
  • Figure out how to get my own doctor and make my own appointments (why is this so scary)
  • Save a life
  • Visit NASA and see a shuttle launch
  • Visit Devils Pool at Victoria Falls in Zambia. If you click on the hyperlink, you’ll understand why I want to do this last.


What’s on your bucket list? Have you ever done something that has changed your life?






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