Banana bread muffins

My sister once again baked something and I once again offered to taste test and take pictures. That’s all I really have to say about this because she was in one of her moods and wouldn’t give me the recipe so I shall update the post when she’s feel a little less witchy. 🙂

I also thought I’d use this post to give an update on my summer. My children’s hospital externship has finished and I’ve been hired on as a nurse technician on one of the floors which I will do until I graduate! Summer has really flown by and I’m sure these last two weeks of break will as well. After that, it’s back to school and starting clinicals! To those who don’t know, I will be in the hospital 3 days a week, essentially learning how to take care of patients under a nurse preceptor. I’m eager to use what I’ve learned on the elderly care unit and at the children’s hospital but I’m very nervous and hoping I won’t fail completely (which I sometimes have nightmares about). There’s also that little fact that someone’s life is going to be in my hands. And don’t even get me started on how I feel about the pediatric rotation!

Oddly enough, summer was the time I was going to post more but it seems I like to make it harder on myself and update more throughout the semester.

Hope everyone’s been having a good summer and hydrating!



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